Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Charlie's Return

We finally got Charlie back into ceremonial work today.  He hadn't been in a ceremony for the past six months due to his sarcoid treatment and surgery.  The surgery removed a large patch of skin from his right cheek.  The wound is now almost completely healed and the scab is small enough to be covered by the cheek straps on his halter.  Amazingly, most of the hair has returned to his cheek and there is only a small spot where it hasn't grown back yet. 

Charlie was a bit excited about being back in the show.  Once we began to maneuver into position for the charge, he began to crow hop and dance around.  However, once the charge began he forgot what he was supposed to do and fell way behind the other horses.  He is also not in the best shape having been out of the lineup for so long. 

I realized later that it was my first ceremony and charge since my own injuries suffered last January.  I was a little winded afterwards, but otherwise suffered no problems. I will try again with Charlie on Thursday during another ceremony and hopefully both of us will perform a little better.