Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Never Really Retired

We go to a lot of trouble to find good homes for our retired horses.  We feel that if a horse gives the Army the best years of his life, he is entitled to spend his final years in pasture just being a horse. One of our former horses, named Peanut, went to a former trooper's ranch in Texas about ten years ago. 

Peanut, a quarter horse, was a favorite of many troopers while he was in the Army as he was fast and fearless, yet could stand still during an hour-long ceremony.  In fact, I remember he once fell asleep beneath me during a ceremony.  When the band suddenly started up, he woke suddenly and whinnied in alarm.  Once he realized where he was, he settled down again.

Even though Peanut is retired, he donned his Army tack one last time for a funeral to honor the man who owned the ranch he retired on.  The man leading him in the photo is the son of that man and a former trooper.  Although saddened by his loss, we are glad to see them both in uniform.  

Until we all meet again on Fiddler's Green.