Thursday, November 3, 2011

Change in the Weather

The Wonder Beast was very vocal this morning. The temperatures had dropped and it was a little windy. I hadn't ridden Apache at all this week and he was about fed up with being in his pen. He hollered at me for about 30 minutes before I finally put him out into the quarantine pasture to run off some steam. He immediately commenced to kick his heels up and race around the pasture. Of course, Duke, Charlie, and Cal wanted some fun too. I wound up putting them all out to snort around and play.

We are getting ready for the Empire Ranch Open House this Saturday, but the weather is supposed to be horrible. The weather people are predicting a 50% chance of rain and temperatures in the low to mid 50s. Riding at Empire Ranch is fun, but not when you're wet and cold. We'll see what happens.

Our old boy, Zeus, is badly lame. The mil vet examined him and took x-rays, but couldn't find the problem. It looks like he will be coming to the Z-Ranch for a few weeks of pen rest.

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