Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Charlie The Mexican Wrestling Horse

Charlie is one of those horses that has all kinds of medical problems. A year and a half ago he beat the odds and survived colic surgery. He has also had one of his eyes damaged by flying debris and once fell down into a ravine and hurt his back.

He is a sweet horse, but when he gets his dander up, is a ferocious war horse. He is big and fast and and all-around cavalry horse. He is not afraid of gunfire, stands well in formation, charges like a fiend, and jumps with the best of them. He is one of our best and we are lucky to have him.

His latest malady is a large sarcoid that has formed on his right cheek. Big and unsightly, we were worried that it would consume his entire face. A couple weeks ago, the mil vet cut out part of the sarcoid and had us start putting a sarcoid cream on the rest of it. The cream basically melts the sarcoid tissue away. It is, of course, a very unsightly process. We decided to do this in winter because there are no flies which would undoubtedly be attracted to the raw flesh. We keep the wound area covered with bandages, but Charlie has a tendancy to rub it off because it itches. Thus, we ordered a lycra hood to keep the bandage in place. Charlie had no problem with the hood and, as you can see, he looks like a Mexican wrestler with it on.


  1. He certainly does! Good luck to him.

  2. Haha...I didn't get it at first..My cousin told me he looks like Mysterio, the wrestler..Is he doing the 619 too? lol

  3. I have not seen Charlie do the 619, but I have seen him take out a vet tech with the Back Kick.