Sunday, March 27, 2016

Learning Parade Maneuvers

Pete and Martina gave instruction to the students on how to perform parade maneuvers correctly.  We have a series of maneuvers we use during parades so we aren't just walking down the road.  The crowd seems to enjoy them and it keeps us from getting bored.  

The 1SG giving instruction to the students.

Pete set up some cones to help the students with precision riding.  Parade maneuvers only look good if everyone is lined up correctly and making crisp turns.  Some of the maneuvers we us are files left and right, forward cross, form wedge, form line, wheels left and right, counter-column, and reverse pivot.  

Working the cones

We also taught the students the pattern for what we call the "crosses" where two files of riders ride across each other's path during our riding demonstration.  Some call this "threading the needle."  It is important for each rider to be at the correct distance so that when they cross paths, they don't crash into each other.  We also teach them the emergency break procedure in case someone is out of position.  If executed correctly, people watching won't even know it happened.  

Learning the demo pattern.

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